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When I’m creating my spray paintings I use different techniques and tools. For example newspaper, stencils and knifes. I prefer the glossy poster board to paint on. But you can use any glossy material.

I started spray painting in autumn 2017 after seeing some videos on Youtube. I got exited immediately and I decided that someday I can paint like those artists. Before that day I had only painted with acrylic paints but I have never liked it very much because it took days to finish a single painting. Spray painting instead looked so easy and quick. So it would be the perfect way for me!

I ordered my first spraycans and bought some glossy poster boards. But as soon as I started practicing I realized it wasn’t as easy as I thought. It was unbelievable how one wrong movement could destroy the whole painting.

Despite adversities spray painting was exactly what I wanted to do. The whole autumn I had been practicing in the garage and when the winter came I couldn’t paint anymore. After a few weeks break the temperature was warm enough and I immediately ran to the garage. I found a spray painting tutorial video on Youtube and I decided follow it as closely as I could. The result surprised me and after that I could barely wait for the spring when I finally could paint as much as I wanted!

In the summer 2019 I started my own Youtube channel and I love making new spray paint art videos. On my website you can see pictures of my paintings and make purchases. Send me a message if you have any questions!